About Our Furniture

Our reclaimed wood furniture is rustic by design, with great character from the natural blemishes that were in the doors, timbers, and other reclaimed wood from which they were made. The pieces are bench made, one by one, so that each piece is unique. The rustic wood furniture is hand waxed (lightly) in order to bring out the grain and highlight the character of the wood.

As antique reproductions, the reclaimed wood furniture is built to reflect the time in which the pieces were designed, so drawers are dovetailed and hand fitted. Hardware on most pieces is hand forged wrought iron, fastened using an antique method with nailing pins or folding pins, incorporating authenticity to these rustic home furnishings.

If you want to incorporate the wood into your own designs, we have doors up to 8′ tall and hardware, available separately. Try one as a headboard or as a counter top. Or use one of our buffets or chests as a vanity in your bathroom.

Our other wood cabin furniture was selected to provide our customers with a more modern natural furniture option. The comfortable chairs and loveseats incorporate wood, fiber and woven leather to provide variety in your living and dining areas. Tables with crushed bamboo tops are beautiful and truly unique.

Our 11½ ft long Loon console table is a one of a kind piece built to be the focal point of a room. It incorporates a vertical slice from a sugar tree that is sanded and hand waxed to bring out the beautiful wood grain.

Other one of a kind pieces include our hand carved teak stump tables, crafted by artisans, adding new dimensions to our wood cabin furniture. These beautiful tables are made by a family in Indonesia. They travel across their own mountain to collect fallen teak trunks, and then incredibly talented carvers create works of art incorporating flowers, birds, fish, monkeys and more.

To care for your reclaimed wood furniture, use a damp cloth for cleaning. It can also be lightly sanded and waxed if you wish to provide a more water resistant finish; we recommend Myland’s furniture wax. Please contact us for further information.