Accessories & Gifts I

Handmade Wooden Compass

These wooden compasses are handmade and vary in size and type of wood. Price is for one compass. Specify light or dark wood and general size or let us choose for you.

Handmade “50 Caliber” Pen

This pen is made from a 50 caliber bullet and would be a wonderful conversational piece, as well as writing utensil.

5.5″ L x 0.75″ Dia.

Handmade Wooden Pill Case/Key Chain

This unique pill case/key chain is handmade and has a secret compartment to keep your aspirin or other medicine close by.

Rustic Hand Carved Tree from NC Mountains

Trees carved from fallen wood in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Each tree is unique, made of a local wood, with or without bark. We will choose a beautiful tree, or set of trees, for you. If you want to make a set, tell us the approximate heights you prefer.

  • Medium tree: over 12″ and up to 18″ tall.
  • Small tree: up to 12″ tall.

Silver Antler Hook – 2 hooks

Wooden Bird House

Wooden Drink Tray with 9 Glasses & 12 Glasses


Vintage Hops Tin

“Jon Barth & Sohn” Vintage Hops Tin